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Amenity Association
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Whitehall POA
Whitehall Amenity Assoc.
Whitehall Whitehall
Whitehall Property Owners Association Board of Directors
and Committee Chairpersons
Board Member Position Phone
Bob Perkins President 843-345-2927
Jim Tuten Vice President 843-767-3949
Sabrina Rudnick Treasurer 843-530-8293
Ken McCumsey Secretary 843-376-5340
Robert Frank Director 843-760-2735
Kevin Guest Director 843-200-1142
Kelly Clark Director 843-743-4316
Timothy Wiand Director 843-819-3835
Marc Jacques Director 843-608-7228
Committee Chairpersons:    
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Jim Tuten 843-767-3949
Landscaping and Ponds Kevin Guest 843-200-1142
Finance Committee Sabrina Rudnick 843-530-8293
Governmental Liaison Jim Tuten 843-767-3949
Amenity Association Pat O’Neill 843-207-1547
Capital Committee Robert Frank 843-760-2735
Publicity Bob Perkins 843-345-2927
Long Range Planning Sid Shaw 843-552-3498
Welcome Coordination Anna Tuten 843-767-3949
Crime Watch & Emergency Dennis Clark 843-767-0521
Social Committee (Vacant)    
Please consider volunteering for a Committee. All Committees are in need of volunteers.
Please contact the Committee chairperson for more information.