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     The Whitehall Amenity Association (WAA) is a separate organization from WPOA and has its own Covenants and By-Laws. The Amenity Association includes a junior Olympic size pool with a cabana area and bathhouse, a children’s playground, a picnic area, two regulation tennis courts, and multi-use ball fields. It also includes other property designated as green areas.
     At this time, there are approximately 500 homes out of 734 that have membership in the Amenity association. This Association has three types of memberships – Class A, C, and D. Class A membership deed restricts the property as a permanent membership in exchange for a reduced yearly fee. (2019 Class A dues are $210).  The vast majority of members in this association are Class A members. Class C membership is with the individual(s) in the home; once they leave or choose to no longer belong, the membership expires. Class D membership is offered to non-residents of Whitehall; this membership has no voting rights. The dues for Class C and D memberships are always 1.5 times the dues of the Class A membership. (2019 Class C and Class D dues are $315.)  An initiation fee of $275 is required upon joining for all 3 memberships. For Class A, this is a one-time fee. For Classes C and D, this fee will not be required for subsequent years as long as the membership is continuous. If the membership lapses, even for one year, a new initiation fee shall be required.
     Only non-Whitehall guests are allowed at the pool, playground, and tennis courts as long as the amenity member is present. Please be aware that if you are a Whitehall Resident but not a member of the Whitehall Amenity Association, you cannot use the amenities facilities, even as a guest. If you wish to join, please contact our Community Manager at (843) 767-3949.
     Annual assessments for the Amenity association are due on April 1st, late May 1st. Payments may be made using Pay Pal on this website (WAA Payments). The fiscal year for this Association covers the period from January 1st through December 31st.
     An electronic key allows entrance to the pool, playground, and tennis courts. The previous homeowner has the responsibility of turning the key over to the new residents. You can obtain a replacement key for $25 by calling (843) 767-3949.
     The pool opens on April 1st and closes October 31st. Pool rules are posted on this website as well as at the pool. We have lifeguards present at the pool during certain hours during the summer vacation months. Pool hours are 6 AM to 10 PM.  Both the playground/picnic area and pool cabana area can be reserved for a fee for semiprivate parties. Any party of 10 or more people (this number includes members and non-members attending) has to be reserved to prevent reservation time conflicts. Please see Pool Party Reservation and Playground Party Reservation for detailed information.  Mike Scioli handles all the reservations for the pool and playground parties. He can be reached at (843) 442-8879.
     The Whitehall Amenity Center is offering swim lessons to both members and non-members.  (Non-members are required to leave the pool area once the swim lessons are over.). Each year, two sessions are offered – one in June and one in July.
     The tennis courts are open all year from 6 AM to 10 PM, and are illuminated with timed lights. (Be aware that the tennis courts lights are on a timer for one hour. If you know that your tennis game will be longer than one hour, push the light button before the end of the hour. Once the lights go off, it takes approximately 20 minutes for lights to come back on.). The playground is open year from 6 AM to dusk.
     The entire amenity area is closed from 10 PM to 6 AM and is subject to trespassing fines of $500 to $1000. Any person caught vandalizing, trespassing, or assessing facilities after hours, will be suspended from amenity/pool use for the remainder of the year or pool season (whichever is applicable).  Parent or legal guardian will be held financially responsible for all damages incurred.  Vandals will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Please be aware that this association and its facilities are the responsibility of all its members. Do not let anyone into the facilities. All members should have a working key. Please call (843) 767-3949 to get a replacement key if your electronic key is not working.
     We also have a partnership with the City of North Charleston to use the ball fields for city leagues including Tiny Tot Soccer and T-ball. Feedback from our residents on both the T-Ball and Tiny Tot Soccer seasons has been overwhelmingly positive. Best of all, our children are having a lot of fun, and get to play without having to travel beyond the neighborhood. T-Ball season is April/May and Tiny Tots Soccer is October/November. You can also reserve the ball field for practice.  Mike Scioli handles all the reservations for the field. He can be reached at (843) 442-8879.
     The Amenity Center is run by a 7 member Board of Directors appointed by the WPOA BOD. Community management is provided by Community Association Services, which manages the day-to-day operation of the amenities. Any questions regarding the Amenity association should be directed to our Community Manager at (843) 767-3949.
Mailing address:
Whitehall Amenity Association
PO Box 51502
Summerville, SC 29485