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Architectural Review (ARC)
     The Architectural Review Committee, (ARC), was established to ensure the quality and harmony of each home within the community of Whitehall, thereby protecting the investment of all property owners. The ARC has the duty to work with homeowners to improve their properties and to maintain an equitable and consistent policy regarding compliance with the C&Rs. The ARC has compiled the Standards For Property Owners, which is an attempt to expand and explain some provisions of the C&Rs in simple, meaningful and comprehensive terms. This document will also help to prevent policy changes from year to year as membership on the committee changes. This document does not replace the C&Rs, which are the final authority for most issues. We encourage all property owners to read the C&Rs in their entirety.
     The ARC is also responsible for enforcing the restrictions set forth in the C&R’s.   The C&R’s put forth a number of restrictions placed upon all homeowners such as the prohibition on  storing various vehicles within the neighborhood or the operation of various businesses.  Guidelines and requirements such as mailbox colors and signage restrictions are also enforced by the ARC.  There is a set of well defined procedures for addressing violations with all decisions ultimately being made by the Board of Directors.  The preference is voluntary compliance of all C&R’s, but enforcement measures of fines up to and including property foreclosure are permitted. Many of the prohibitions are also violations of City Code and frequently City Code Enforcement is used to address an issue.
     Any changes to the outside of your home or yard require ARC approval before the work is begun.  This includes but is not limited to additions, changing the color of your shutters or doors, including garage doors, installing new shingles, extending a driveway or adding a walkway, removing trees or trimming more than 25% of the foliage the  of any tree, etc.  Landscaping, such as addition of flower beds, planting trees, etc. is typically exempted.  However, it is better to ask and be informed that the activity is exempt rather than find out too late that the work needed permission and in the worst case, the change is not allowed and must be removed.  City permits are also required for many of these changes/additions.
     The ARC maintains a number of the more common submittal forms on this website, and they are listed here and at the bottom of this page (Fences, Sheds, Tree removal, Shingle replacements, Solar Panels, Window Replacements, Mail box and post color). The ARC submittal application fee ($200) is waived if work on the project does not commence until ARC approval is grantedIf your ARC submittal is different than the standard forms provided, please submit a letter and/or plans giving the details of your request.  Submit letters and documentation to the ARC chairman at 8708 Lockerly Court (leave request in black box on front porch) in the Riverbluff section of Whitehall. By the C&Rs, the ARC has up to 45 days to respond to any request. However, this committee meets once a month so response is usually given before the maximum time period.  Please contact the Community Manager at (843) 767-3949 to submit ARC requests or for any questions.  Any requests sent by email to hoa@whitehallinfo.org are not considered submitted unless a return email is sent acknowledging the receipt of the ARC request.  If any additional documentation is needed, the applicant will be contacted to provide any additional information, application forms, or any plans/pictures required for the application.
     We understand that there are isolated deviations from the C&R that date back to Whitehall's bankruptcy period and a later period of inconsistency within Whitehall during the mid 90s, or within Whitehall South prior to merger. This committee will strive to correct those deviations where possible. But even if correcting them is not possible, they will not be permitted to set a precedent for condoning future violations, as per Section 8.1 of the Covenants and Restrictions; nor will they abrogate any policies and compliance measures contained herein.
Whitehall’s Good Neighbor Policy
     To promote harmony in the community and respect for our neighbors, homeowners of all adjoining properties may be consulted concerning any proposed building project. Structures deemed objectionable to adjoining neighbors may require design modifications, alternate site locations, and/or additional landscaping. However, it shall be up to the ARC to pass final judgment on the appropriateness of any action should neighbors disagree, but as a general principal the neighbors may be consulted to provide a reasonable chance and means for comment.